Success Story Of Anup Pandey Actor And Lawyer : Varanasi


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With over years of experience in helping people and their family through legal work. Mr. Anup Pandey has been very diligent and committed towards his ACTING. 


During his early ages he started to be a keen observer and wanted to help people in many ways. His passion for acting and law was on peek since his school days. He used to maintain a notebook of things he learned during school days and gathered information. apart from school life he used to merge with experienced and well designated people just to learn things about acting and law. This grew his interest more and more day by day which at last made him a well-known actor and lawyer.


His great knowledge and passion of work made him such remarkable person that he became idol for many students perusing L.L.B (Legume Baccalaureus). When it comes to his education, we can start with his BECHELOR IN ART in the year 2011 and L.L.B in the year 2014.


He completed his L.L.B in the year 2014. His passion for LAW and his dedication towards his acting made him the youngest well-known ACTOR AND LAWYER in his family and even in his workplace. Till date he has performed as great ACTOR & LAWYER   which is a great achievement. And he says that he has just begin and his journey for performing most successful ACTOR is still yet to be achieved.


known magnanimously as ANUP PANDEY, is an Indian actor who primarily works in theatre(stage actor), and Hindi language films. Apart from acting, he has also been involved in short films as a screenwriter, and Director. He has also been featured in some advertisements.

with pursuing his law L.L.B studies, Anup Pandey chose to work in theatre and Hindi film. and he  started theatre play from most popular and oldest  place NAGARI NATAK MANDALI Varanasi   and join his first acting workshop which is organized  by  national  school of drama  and done his first play BABU JI which  is directed by CHITRANJAN GIRI  and after that  he started his journey properly as an actor and after that he done a lot of theatre play TAJ MAHAL KA TENDER/ TUGLAK/ DAKGHAR / VIBHUTI / DEKHI TUMARI KASHI ETC… and after some time he start doing play in Sanskrit also like MADHAYMVYAYOG / KURUKSHTRA /RASHMI RATHI/ETC and   assisted an play GUNDA (Hindi)organized by Nigari NatakMandali. He start his on camera career from film RANJHANA by Annand l rai   as crowed artist and after that he done a small character in Masan film (as shaluu’s brother) by Neeraj Ghaywan and too many tv serial like MAN ME VISHWASH HAI for (Sony tv)/MAHAKUMBH (life ok)/SAWADHAN INDIA (life ok) CRIME PETROL (Sony tv) HIND SWARAJ (pilgrimscreation) HATYARA ASHIK/Kundali / chalbajhasina/(Akash ganga music and films)and many more.




His family background is also as great as his work profile. Mr. Anup Pandey was born on 30 July 1989 in a small town AHRAURA, DIST- MIRZAPUR. Being the son of a well-known Advocate and his growing years and learning helped him to be more attentive towards his goals. His father Mr. Shiv Kumar Pandey is a great lawyer and mother Mrs. Neeta Pandey an amazing house wife played an important role in his life. As they were the one whom he looked as an inspiration. His brother also a part of legal world known as – Mr. AmitPandey(adv) criminal lawyer


As a renowned actor / lawyer Mr. Anup Pandey is also well known for his patience, dedication, kindness and detailed attention towards every work he gets. He had been spending most of his time in theatre and apart from that he has been a great mentor and he likes to take some educational (based on acting) seminars for new comers so that they could understand the concept of joining


ACTING field. He shares his experience with other students and help them to polish their passion and understand the importance of being an actor /lawyer. His hobby is to learn new things about being a actor /lawyer and more about different kinds of skill .so that he can achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the name in top ten actor in India. 


When asked about his favourite quote or Phrase he always mention only one thing to others. "PLEASURES CONCEIVED IN THE WORLD OF THE SENSES HAVEA BEGINNING AND AN END AND GIVE BIRTH TO MISERY”. Because a positive attitude can do more than just make you feel good—it could also change your life." 


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