Top 10 Hackers In Varanasi UP ?

Top 10 Hackers In Varanasi UP ?

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1 . Mr. Mrityunjay Singh is the youngest hacker of India all the time.

Mr. Mrityunjay Singh is one of the countries pioneer Information Security & Cyber Crime Consultant. The young and dynamic personality of Mr. Mrityunjay Singh has not only assisted in solving complex cybercrime cases but has also played an instrumental role in creating awareness about information security and cybercrimes. During his graduation at MGKVP University, he developed projects like an SMS Based Control System, Voice Recognition Based Control System exhibiting his sharp acumen for technology. At the age of 18, Mr. Mrityunjay Singh exposed loopholes like SMS & Call Forging in Mobile Networks. The technology that allowed to send SMS or Make Call to any International Number from any number of your choice. At Present, He is Director & Chief Technical Officer at Cobra Online Services Pvt Ltd which is a rapidly growing security services & investigation consulting organization focusing on Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law Consulting, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Information Security Training.

he is hacked public wifi in 10 min. he is such a great ethical hacker of India. He has given a very nice speech that covers not only Hacking but a motivation to the newcomers to the industry of information security. Thanks.M+20. His Lecture of Social Engineering is just awesome first time seen something different kind of Hacking in originally terms in my college.M+13. One man with a great vision. Open for all business opportunities… Good Luck. Excellent Behavior. Litter late but well-deserved M+5

Mrityunjay Singh is also a winner of Startup Yatra Up Edition 2017. Very dedicated focused and committed! Mnew

Email —

He is also the founder of Cybersecurity company

Facebook —


if u want to learn to hack u can call Mr. Mrityunjay Singh. 7398263499


2 . Rishiraj Sharma

I think he is youngest hacker of India, age 16… His rank should higher than other…

Its good list and also its similar to Microsoft survey

I want to hack my android device. How can I do it?

Can you hack clash of clans please please please please please…

3 . Ankit Fadia

He is great fake hacker of India

I wish to attend a workshop of ethical hacking of ankit sir

My dream also I am become like ankit fadia

Best hacker ever met want to be like him

4 . Sunny Vaghela

Great person in cyber securityM+15

He is the number 1 talented ethical hacker in india.
He helping the new students to this industriesM+6

I want to learn ethical hacking can you call me -09459784242

5 .. Pranav Mistry

I have also interest in hacking n also want to be a hacker please help me for some imp books…please
Email me_mandalmridul001@gmail.comM+20

Dear sir

Please tell me that how I trace my personal mobile current location pleaseM+2

Sir how create secure layer of security systemM+1

Please sir I meet for you

6 .. Sangeet Chopra

I have attended yours workshop which tells that you are exceptionalM+27

I attempt your workshop at sunderdeep engineering college, ghaziabad.
I think that you are the best in yourself, knowledge+personality.M+17

Ultimate Knowledge and great speaking skillsM+6

7 ..Sai Satish

He’s very helpful. He’s the best hacker I ever meet. There are some people like Ankit Fadia, who is a great fake hacker of India, but Dr. Sai Satish is not like that. He’s very helpful to the students. He’s motto is very impressing.M+19

Good hacker and he is very help full.M+7

Best hacker and very helpful to studentsM+5

He is a good ethical hacker

8 .Ravindra Singh Rathore

He is a good guy, he is helpful person, his behaviour is very nice, he is my buddy, he is a great hacker,M+26

I’m felling short of words to describe him.. He is just a great hacker..M+14

Great Hacker in India and really down to earth by nature.M+1

Can u teach me hacking?

9 .Rahul Tyagi

Rahul Tyagi sir is the best. Just attend his workshop once I can bet you will start to compare him automatically with the person whom you voted… Because the best is always taken for comparison.. The only thing I felt bad in Rahul sir workshop was that I was not able to take a proper photo with him… He was the bestM-1

There is no one like him… He is the best hacker in India and has great knowledge about hacking and according to me he supposes to be in topmost white hacker in 1st position…M+1

Awesome guys. thanks for everything you shared with us about hackingM+5

Sir how can I trace or tap incoming and outgoing call in other mobile phone.

10 .Vivek Ramchandran

He Must Be on First Position. After 2 year from Now this position is mine.M+6

WHY is he so back… he deserves a spot in top 5… Vote Him up!M+4

He is the best. I guess author might be sleeping while posting this list.M+3

Knowledge person, he is best

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